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Primus Zitsa
Variety combination: Debina
Vintage: End of September beginning October
Oenological Method: the must of the selected grapes is gradually extracted and ferments at a low control temperature (16-18 C)
Quantity: 30,000 bottles annually
Wine Characteristics: livid soft golden-green color, fine aroma from apple, pear, and banana, young delicate palate, with acidity which brings out the freshness of the fruit.
Best with: white meat, fish, oysters, ideal, also as aperitif.
To be served: at a temperature of 10 C

Red Velvet

Red Velvet
Variety combination: Agioritiko, Vlachiko and Bekari
Vintage: Mid September beginning of October
Oenological Method: at a vinifier with the classical method, aging in French oak barrels at the cellar of our winery in Zitsa in special moisture-temperature conditions.
Quantity: 25-50 thousands bottles annually
First Circulation: 1996
Wine Characteristics: deep red color, vanilla and exotic fruit aroma, ful, velvet and discreet palate
Best with: meat, cooked pork meats, cheeses
To be served: at room temperature of 16 -18 C