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"Our mission is to offer our customers
the best quality food and wine products from Greece and the Mediterranean."

                                                         Yiannis Tziotis

Since 1986, Yiannis Foods and Wines has become a well-known importer and distributor of European and Mediterranean products for the greater Seattle, Washington area. The family business began selling Greek food products and over the years has added a variety of specialty foods and wines.

Owners Yiannis and Katerina Tziotis started the company importing gyro and pita for local Seattle area businesses. Over the years, their product line increased drastically and the business now carries lamb, chicken, calamari, cheeses, yogurt, olives, olive oil, pastries, fillo dough, pasta, canned goods, coffee and spices. For a complete list of products, please refer to the links for foods and wines.

In 1992, Yiannis Foods and Wines began importing specialty wines from Greece, home of the most traditional vineyards in Europe. These regions hold a history of over 2,000 years of wine making experience. Yiannis Foods and Wines carry the popular retsina and a large selection of premium wines from various regions of Greece.

Following the footsteps of their parents, Ourania and Dometios have joined the family business to carry on the tradition of offering customers the best quality food and wines products from Greece and the Mediterranean.

350 N.W. 85th Street, Suite C
Seattle, WA 98117
Phone: 206-783-8351, Fax: 206-783-4272