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Blueprint heating and plumbing designs allow for maximum efficiency on energy and great return on your investment. The blueprint cage designs can be adapted to many different energy sources. Our custom-tailored solutions meet all applicable construction codes and/or any particular site needs.

All Blueprint Cages connect to hot water boilers and utilize microcoprocessors to incorporate comfortable, energy saving technologies. Variable speed injection, hands-free weather responsiveness, boiler protection, automatic priority overide for potable hot water production, inline air elimination are just some important features needed to improve any troubled mechanical room.

Blueprint systems can be purchased directly by estate owners or qualified contractors. Although we consider our designs user friendly, very often we have been asked to supervise the installation and/or maintainance on location. We have assembled a Blueprint-certified team of consultants who can advice, install or maintain any of our line of cages. Although we are based in Seattle, Washington we get requests to send our consultants all over the continental United States and abroad.

Blueprint heating and plumbing solutions will enhance any building structure:

1. The Family home

A small-family sized house with 2,000-4,000 square feet have limited heating and plumbing requirements. A small cage with one or two zones would be sufficient. Please access the Single-Pump-Base and 2-Zones of Radiant Floor/Wall Heating cages, as they apply to estates of minimal storage space and resources.

2. The American Mansion

An estate of 5,000-20,000 square feet would require multiple zoning system to address the heating and plumbing requirements. A separate plumbing cage is often needed to improve on water flow, to maximize efficiency, to bring the energy costs down and to eliminate water waste. Please access our animation page for further information on heating and plumbing work flow.

All existing cage designs featured are suited for a large mansion or a commercial application. Please remember that all of our solutions are custom, so please contact us for a solution unique to your lifestyle and/or demands.

3. The Winter Retreat

Sub-zero temperatures demand special attention. Separate zoning systems for radiant floor heating and snow melting. Depending upon the location, water treatment and winterization is often desired. Remote controlled operation is available through the world wide web. Please visit the snow melting cage as it best suited for the demands of a lower temperature environment.

4. The Commercial Enterprise

Around-the-clock functionality requires robust engineering systems. The demand is constant on great capacity. Malfuction or breakdowns always affect the business cycle and the bottom line. Please visit the commercial cage for a Blueprint solution towards a nationally-franchised gas station with a car wash and a mini market.

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